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NNot as quiet as it may seem

2017-03-202 Min Read — In General

It may look like things have been quiet around here for a while, but in all honesty that could not be further from the truth. Since my last post on Jan 1st a few things have changed and I can honestly say all for the better. The first thing that…

GGoodbye 2016, Hello 2017

2017-01-013 Min Read — In General

First off, Happy New Year all, I truly hope that 2017 is a great year for everyone. I know it’s kinda customary for people to do a recap of the previous year and layout their plans, hope, fears and resolutions for the new year. Whilst I’ve never…

WWhat An Epic Year

2014-12-183 Min Read — In General

Exactly a year ago I was sat with a very good friend looking over some forms he had made in Joomla trying to figure out how we could manipulate the database to give exactly what he wanted. To begin with, I had very little experience of using Joomla…