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220 Years Of PHP

2015-06-082 Min Read — In PHP

Today, Monday June 8th 2015 marks 20 years since Rasmus Lerdorf announced the release of Personal Home Page Tools 1.0 . My first taste of PHP came around 2004 when I was tinkering with websites and wanted to create a site for my churches youth group…

WWhat An Epic Year

2014-12-183 Min Read — In General

Exactly a year ago I was sat with a very good friend looking over some forms he had made in Joomla trying to figure out how we could manipulate the database to give exactly what he wanted. To begin with, I had very little experience of using Joomla…

GGetting Started With PHP Development, A Guide For Beginners.

2014-07-144 Min Read — In PHP

TL:DR, scroll to last paragraph When starting a new PHP project there is a world of decisions that you need to make including if you are going to use a framework, what version of PHP you are going to target and who is going to use and also maintain…