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SSet default Node.js version in nvm

22nd Oct, 2019 — 1 Min Read — In Tips

Today seen Node.js 12.13.0 get flagged as the new LTS release. As someone who uses nvm to manage having different versions of node installed this can potentially pose a bit of an issue, you see, I…

RRecursively delete node_modules

13th Sep, 2019 — 1 Min Read — In Tips

Every now and then I like to take a backup of my main code directory. WHen doing this I generally will delete all the directories to vastly reduce the amount of space taken up. The only issue with…

MMy Mental Health Experiences

8th May, 2018 — 1 Min Read — In Mental Health

In the United States, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As part of this I have shared my own personal experiences of mental health issues over on the Open Sourcing Mental Illness blog. In that…

PPHP Yorkshire Conference 2018 Recap

21st Apr, 2018 — 4 Min Read — In Conferences

Saturday April 14th 2018 is a day I’ll likely remember for the rest of my life. No, it wasn’t my wedding day or even the day one of my kids was born, but in all honesty it’s up there in terms of…